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Start Date : 4 Aug,2024
End Date   : 8 Aug,2024
Duration    : 5 Days
Price          : $ 3,995 ( SAR 14,981.25)



This interactive course covers the specification, installation and operation of gears and gearboxes in modern plant. It reviews current design standards and discusses how to specify and how to use a gearbox. Gearbox installation, lubrication, health monitoring and failure interpretation. Practice exercises, videos, case studies for an engaging and memorable learning experience



Course Objectives: 


  • Have an excellent background in gearing, including the types of gears, their arrangement & geometry, gear ratings, and quality
  • Apply safe working practices and understand the principles of preventive and first-line maintenance
  •  Understand the configurations and operating characteristics of bearings and become familiar with the gearbox lubrication, including its various system types, key lubricant characteristics and modes of lubrication failure
  • Know the gear instrumentation measurements and identify the various analytical tools used in gearboxes
  • Perform gearbox testing such as spin testing, partial & complete load testing and full torque testing and be able to determine the different gear element failure modes
  • Learn the bearing failure modes and be able to emphasize the gearbox selection requirements




      Course Content: 

      • Gearing Fundamentals
      •  Bearings
      •  Gearbox Lubrication and Principles
      •  Gear Instrumentation and Measurements
      •  Gearbox Applications
      • Project Managers and Project Coordinators 

      • Project Planners 

      • Project Engineers 

      • Department and Functional Managers 

      • Project Management Office (PMO) members 

      • Project Sponsors and Senior Management 

      •  Maintenance Principles
      •  Gearbox Testing
      •  Gear Element Failure Modes
      •  Bearing Failure Modes
      • Gearbox Selection Requirements
      • Analytical Tools


      Targeted Audience: 

      • ¨ This course is intended for mechanical and maintenance engineers, technicians, operators and managers involved in gearboxes and rotary equipment.



      Installation and Operation of Gearboxes In Modern Plant

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