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Start Date : 14 Jul,2024
End Date   : 18 Jul,2024
Duration    : 5 Days
Price            : $ 3,995 ( SAR 14,981.25)



With the ever-increasing complexity of projects coupled with the high volatility in customer expectations nowadays, it has become of paramount importance to manage projects by professionals with specific skill set using structured methodologies to bring projects to successful closure. 

Project Management Fundamentals course covers the essential principles of managing projects in any industry or business. The course presents a comprehensive overview of the Project Management cycle starting from project initiating until closing, which furnishes a clear methodology to manage projects in the organization. Besides, this course highlights the skills, tools, and techniques to help aspiring project professionals to become competent project managers. 


Course Objectives: 


  • Define several key project management terms 
  • Recognize the relationship between project, program, and portfolio management 
  • Describe different organizational structures and their effect on managing projects 
  • Define project roles and responsibilities 
  • Recognize the importance of soft skills- such as leadership, team building, and communication- in managing projects 
  • Initiate and authorize a project 
  • Plan for a successful project 
  • Execute the project plan 
  • Monitor and control project execution 
  • Close the project and document lessons learned 



      Course Content: 

      1- The Project Management Context 

      • Key terms in Project Management 

      • Project, Program, and Portfolio Management 

      • Effect of Organizational Structures on Project Management  

      • The Project Lifecycle 

      • The Triple Constraints 

      • Project Management Roles and Responsibilities 

      • Project Management Process Groups 

      • Stakeholder Management 


      2- Project Initiating 

      • Project Statement of Work (SOW) 

      • Stakeholder Analysis 

      • Business need and project purpose 

      • Project boundaries and deliverables 

      • Product requirements and characteristics 

      • Project acceptance criteria 

      • Major milestones, summary budget, assumptions, and constraints 

      • Chartering a project 


      3- Project Planning 

      • Project Integration Management 

      • Project Scope Planning 

      • Project Schedule Planning 

      • Project Cost Planning 

      • Project Quality Planning 

      • Project Risk Planning 

      • Project Resource Planning 

      • Project Communications Planning 

      • Project Procurement Planning 

      • Baseline and the Project Management Plan 


      4- Project Executing and Controlling 

      • Implementing the Project Management Plan 

      • Developing Project Controls and Key Performance Indicators 

      • Earned Value Management 

      • Project Change Management 

      • Project Status Reports 


      5- Project Closing 

      • Administrative and Contractual Closing 

      • Formalizing Final Acceptance by Key Stakeholders 

      • Project Closure Report 

      • Project Documents 

      • Lessons Learned 


      Targeted Audience: 

      • Project Managers and Project Coordinators 

      • Project Planners 

      • Project Engineers 

      • Department and Functional Managers 

      • Project Management Office (PMO) members 

      • Project Sponsors and Senior Management 

      Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management

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