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Start Date : 15 Sep,2024
End Date   : 19 Sep,2024
Duration    : 5 Days
Price          : $ 3,995 ( SAR 14,981.25 )




In this course, participants will gain a strong technical and practical understanding of mechanical seals through the exploration of the design features and implications of many sealing systems in today’s application.


Course Objectives:

  • Understand the different types of seals
  • Have learned about selection, operation, and maintenance strategies
  • Be able to troubleshoot seal problems
  • Understand how seals are fitted
  • Understand how seals are tested
  • Understand API flush plans


Course Content:


1. Basic Concepts of Fluid Sealing 

  • Lubrication fundamentals 
  • Basic fluid mechanics, Reynolds equation, lubrication solutions, application to mechanical seal


2. Mechanical Seal Design 

  • Factors affecting design 
  • Mechanical seal selection 
  • Seal type selection 
  • Selection of the primary seal 
  • Selection of the seal arrangement


3. Mechanical Seals Configurations 

  • Mechanical seal applications 
  • Seals Classification 
  • Wet and Dry mechanical seal 
  • Balanced and unbalanced mechanical seals 
  • Mechanical seals pump and compressor considerations


4. Failure Diagnosis 

  • External symptoms of seal failure 
  • Common seal failure modes
  • Seal installation tolerances 
  • Vibration effect on a mechanical seal 
  • High temperature effect 
  • Running speed effect 
  • Rotor balance effect


5. Mechanical Seal Performance 

  • Acceptable performance 
  • Mechanical seal related standards 
  • Pre-installation machine checks 
  • Mechanical seal installation 
  • Mechanical seal maintenance 
  • Seal handling and inspection


Targeted Audience:

This course is intended for mechanical engineers, maintenance engineers, material engineers, machinery engineers, superintendents, supervisors, draftsmen, foremen & technicians.



Fundamentals of Mechanical Seals

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